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Joel M. Schrap  // Photo: B&K Photography

Joel M. Schrap // Photo: B&K Photography


The Path of One was an idea launched in 2018 when I finished grad school and found myself not in a position that I never wanted to find myself. On the verge of bankruptcy and serving food and making drinks to professionals that I so deeply wanted to be a part of. My entire life I have ran a path that has not always been the greatest. During these dark times I turned inward and began to soul search. I began to ask what is my why? Why do I do what I do? How can I become better? How can I impact those around me and those I meet on a day to day bases?

These questions lead me to the fact that I had been comparing myself to those in the media and others that I know that seemed “successful.” I slowly began to realize that we all have our own paths in life and these paths intertwine with other paths along the way. In the modern society we have Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, news, entertainment, politics, and so much more. These are useful tools in life now; however, we have all seen the rich and famous showing off and we begin to strive to have those lives. The thing is no one has an identical path and each path is different and the true success comes from being true to one’s path and growing from the wisdom of the fellow sojourners of life whose paths we cross.


The Path of One will touch on subjects that move people from comparing themselves to others; growing as a whole person; becoming the leader within; impacting those around you; developing deeper relationships; being better friends, family members, employees, leaders, and so much more. We will dive into leadership principles that not only impact you as an individual regardless if you are an authority figure or not. We walk down a path of forgiveness. We will pursue true love. We will look at faith. We will also learn to love ourselves so we can love others.

This is the Path of One and I hope you walk with me as our paths intertwine.

– Joel M. Schrap