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Most view leadership as a position or political positions; however, this is not the case. The Path of One contends that leadership falls under the larger umbrella of life. Each individual leads their own life and this leadership moves into the professional world. In the professional world, leadership is not just a position; however, it is a life skill. Theories of servant leadership, transformational leadership, transactional leader, change management leadership, and many other leadership theories and practices will be viewed and discussed.


Summarizing Sir Richard Branson, it is important to spend money on training your employees as if you don’t you may be left with the bad who are untrained. Everyone learns differently and each person grows at a different speed. Understanding this, it helps to develop effective training material that captivates the trainees and ensures retention of knowledge. Making the organization a learning organization ensures constant training and improvement of your number one asset, your employees.


Life has a way of getting out of control. The Path of One is set up to help give ideas and suggestions to better navigate one’s path in life. Experience in life is invaluable and the ability to share the wisdom garnered is valuable for anyone who is willing to listen. Topics range from love, work, leading your life, growth, relationships, and so much more.


Culture adapts to strategies and mindsets of the organization.  Culture can be toxic or healthy and takes an all hands-on deck mentality. Understanding what the cause of a toxic environment is the first step in creating a positive culture within your organization. Culture not only affects your organizations retention rate, it also impacts the organizations bottom line, image, and ultimate success or failure.